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        Flow chart

        Flow chart

        About us

             Hubei Anxin Plastic Moulds Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic extrusion moulds, taking numerical control machining as main technology. Our company covers 6000 sq.m. And there is manufacturing workshops of 2000 sq.m. Our company has over 50 senior and medium technical staffs and 60 technical workers. All of them are among the earliest that worked on plastic extraction moulds industry. In addition, there are more than a hundred sets of numerical control machining centers, numerical processing equipments. Our company provides about 800 sets of extrusion moulds.

            Anxin Mould always insists on independent innovation to diversify product varieties and promote product quality. Our company implements professional manufacturing modes according to varieties of moulds to guarantee high efficiency, high quality and low cost.
            Our company undertakes design, processing and technical guidance of extrusion articles and moulds in full varieties. Main products: Door and window material series; Wood and plastic material series; Plate, sheet and foil series; Tubes and pipes series; Foaming materials; and decorative materials.
            Anxin Mould will mature with development of mould industry, will develop with plastic extrusion mould industry. Anxin Mould would like to become your faithful friends.