A Quick Guide to Vegan Designer Bags

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Flaunt Your Style With Vegan Designer Bags

In the recent years, vegan designer bags have been making waves in the fashion scene. As women and some men couldn’t live without handbags, these cruelty-free styles are the answers to a vegan fashionista’s prayer. A quality handbag is an indispensable item in your closet. When speaking of luxury and quality, leather often comes to mind. With bags made from vegan leather, you can flaunt your style without the guilt of carrying an animal by-product.  Bag designers take note of these trends and the customers’ ethical preferences when designing handbags. If you love bags and your collection still lacks the vegan line, it’s about time you take a second look to consider why you should try one.


Vegans and those looking for more alternatives to leather have another reason to look to the vegan collection. For years, bag lovers patronize leather handbags for its sturdiness, clean lines, and unique textures. Vegan designer bags achieve the same look at a lesser price. While not all designer vegan bags come cheap, there are labels offering these at more affordable prices. You will be glad that bag manufacturers aim at a wider market providing greater variety of styles and price points. Some bag designers make it a point to keep the prices of their items at a much lower cost than the thousand-dollar leather bag counterparts.

Signature Styles

Vegan handbags today come in just about any style and color. Bag collectors and fashion forward shoppers will not be ashamed to flaunt a vegan designer bag for its beauty and quality matching styles and excellent look of the luxury brands.  This product line became so popular that it is no longer exclusively found in vegan shopping outlets and online stores.  The best seller signature styles include the well-loved leather counterparts of totes, crossbody, clutches, and bucket bags.

The materials used are not only cruelty-free. Vegan bag designers and manufacturers put in a great amount of work to release stylish and updated bag styles. So, you better keep your eye on the latest releases before they run out of stock from your favorite bag outlet or online shop.

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The art of matching fashion accessories is all about mixing the right elements of color, design, texture, and style. It also depends on the effect you will want to achieve as the wearer of the wardrobe.  Do you want your luxury bag to be complement the clothes you wear or as a statement item to the wardrobe? With the wide array of available styles and colors of vegan bag, you are sure to find one that matches your fashion statement or personality.

Aside from clothing and body accessories, you can also accessorize your bag to create a fun and awesome look. You may try wrapping a scarf around the bag handles or hang a fun bling item such as a gem-studded or a fur keychain. These are ways to bring the visual attention to your lovely designer vegan bag.

So, now when comes to style, trends, and quality, you can see that you can totally rock vegan fashion items, particularly the ever-reliable staples such as bags. Now, you have affordable designer bag options with the vegan bags. Looking expensive is not an elusive thing, particularly with the wide selection of fashion items these days. Being an ethical fashionista is no longer limiting. From street wear to business wear, and even for leisure there are vegan bags available to suit the most style-demanding customer. Go take your pick from the growing number of bag outlets and online stores.

Fringe It

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Fringe is a trend that we recommend incorporating into your wardrobe throughout 2018. There's plenty of ways to do so without breaking the bank. You may be wondering, just how can you effortless rock it?  It depends on the article of clothing especially with may pieces being a statement. Time to grab those basics. Let's style!

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Sandals are not the go to all year round, but they a pair of t-sandals work for a night out on the town. The tan fringe sandals have detail on as well as the ankle strap. To keep it basic, take your favorite jeans and a crisp white button up and just like that a full outfit in minutes. 

While fringe on your shoes may be the focal point of the outfit, don't forget about the accessories. You can easily take a pair of fringe earrings, which often times looks like a tassel. The various colors and sizes avaialable will compliment any style and outift. Have them add a pop to what you're wearing or jazz up a simple look.

Now for the fun part, those that want all fringe in one look. Your little black dress gets a major upgrade with the layers of fringe and with a simple shoe and clutch, you have an entire outfit just like that. Duplicating this look may be a challenge so switch up your shoes or add an infamous black leather jacket for the perfect edge.

Thank You 2017

Martella at Shoofuni

Martella at Shoofuni

2017 was such an amazing, fulfilling year full of adventures. We were front and center at Shoofuni. Our bags made it to the shelves of the New York City boutique, Eleven Consigment Boutique. Those are just a couple highlights. 



Most importantly, we are beyond thankful of all our customers that share our bags on social media. Your support is greatly appreciated!

We're looking forward to 2018 and we're excited to have you all along for the ride!