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We are so happy to see that our signature Super Mini Rotondo made POPSUGAR UK's list of 20 Pieces to Fuel Your Newest Obsession with Handbags

Clare Waight Keller predicted it a few months ago when she presented her very first collection for Chloe, and she was right: round handbags are going to be our next obsession. While the Pixie has already captured the hearts of many fashion bloggers, other brands have also decided to jump on trend, and we’re loving this new take on bags.

A Backpack Women Will Fall in Love With

All the Details on the Backpack Women Purchase!

Backpack women purchase is more than an accessory. The versatile style has become a fashion statement that keeps all necessities corralled into one location. The expandable features leave plenty of room for both small and larger items. Standard handbags do not provide the same accessibility. The distinct design makes it easy for women to go about their daily lives with hands free access. Additionally, there is plenty of support and comfort on the shoulders regardless of the weight of the contents due to the double strap. Choosing the right backpack boils down to personal preference and type of lifestyle.

Versatile Design

A women backpack is a lot different from that of a man. Men’s backpacks are typically much larger in size for a robust body type. Women are able to purchase from a vast collection of sizes and styles. This fashion forward piece has become popular on and off the runway in recent years. Forget the generic styles of what one would use for school. Designers are amplifying the design from the material to the hardware. Expect to see zippers, thicker straps, embroidered detail, and even drawstring features. While it may be smaller in capacity, there’s still plenty of space to store everyday essentials such as a wallet, glasses, and smaller electronic devices. Commuting can be a hassle, but a backpack gives comfort and convenience. It fits securely on one’s back without the worry of it falling off. Furthermore, the double strap evens out the weight of the interior contents to not put pressure on just one side of the body.

How to Style

A backpack has transformed into the best of both worlds as its functional and stylish. With the double strap it can be worn on both shoulders or the straps can be combined to wear on just one. Certain styles have a zipper in between the two straps so that it can be worn both ways. The addition of the zipper makes the strap thicker and easier to carry.

Here’s a few styling options that will work with any wardrobe. For a sophisticated-modern day look, pair the bag with a pinstriped blazer and pair of sneakers. Fitted slacks, heels, and a cardigan are perfect for the office. For a night on the town, one can keep it casual with a pair of boyfriend jeans, chunky heels, and a fitted mock turtle neck. Sweat suits are very popular and the athletic aesthetic has a certain edge with a backpack. Be mindful of all clothing and the material of the bag so that there is no staining.

While exterior appearances of the bag are important, the interior features of the backpack are essential to maximize the use of the bag. When choosing a backpack, one should be mindful to protect one’s electronic or delicate equipment. The material should protect items from moisture. Look at the thickness of the bag to avoid any further damage of more fragile items. If the desired style lacks the additional padding, use smaller bags to provide that cushion.

Why Buy a Lady’s Backpack?

Whether one choose a silhouette that’s minimalistic, classic or rugged, backpacks are stylish and come in variety of colors. Choices can range from daypacks, rucksacks, to travel designs. To make stylish backpacks last for many seasons, one must provide constant care to keep the quality pristine. One of the beneficial perks about backpacks is that one can have more degree of mobility. Best of all, backpacks are more than just for school, there the ideal bags for exploring at an amusement park, hiking, and a new city. Backpack women love is stylish and officially a force in the fashion world.

Small Purses for Women Keep It Minimal

Small Purses for Women are the New Go-To Handbag

Small purses for women are not just for a night on the town or special occasions. This style has become a desired option that is used on a regular basis. The compact styles take up little space with room to hold the basic necessities. Larger bags can be bulky and instantly weight down any individual. Smaller purses provide the same styles in smaller sizes that are easier to carry, especially on a daily basis. The following explores popular small purses and their versatile functions. All styles range from high-end to budget friendly.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs were immensely favored in the 1980s and 1990s and in recent years have made a comeback. The design is a pouch with an adjustable strap that wraps around the waist. Earlier styles were retro and made of fabric. The latest editions are more luxurious and edgy made of leather with definitive hardware. Similar to a backpack, it provides hands-free access with just the right amount of space to fit keys, a phone, and a cash or card. This style is not meant to fill up, but is compact enough for just the minimum. For those that do not want to use the fanny pack around their waist it could be used as a smaller compartment within a larger handbag.

The Clutch

The top bag choice when it comes to a special occasion is a clutch. Some are flat with an envelope design. The design may be a color block palette with the flap being a prominent color. Furthermore, the flap may have jeweled detail, or embroidery with a metallic touch. The closure is typically one of the following: snap, magnet, zipper, or kiss-lock. Clutches are unique not just in their distinct purpose, but in design as well. The straps are usually chained and are easy to sit inside of the purse. Storage is that of a filing system and when storing, dish racks are a popular choice and they sit up perfectly. There have been hand bag accessories that have mimicked the shape of a clutch such as kiss-lock wallets. These wallets in particular have hard covers or leather/faux leather or even patent leather detail.


The strap of a wristlet slides quickly on a wrist when out and about. The primary purpose is to serve as a wallet. Take note that the strap unlatches to connect to the inside of larger bags. Top designers have matching sets that coordinate beautifully with various sizes available. Some wristlets are slightly larger than others with additional compartments. Larger designs are more spacious. Smaller styles have front or back pockets with just enough space to fit a license or debit card. This pocket could just be an open slit or close with a zipper. While cash cannot be laid out like in a larger wallet, it can be folded or rolled to fit inside. For a simple wallet that fits in the palm of a hand, wristlets are the best option.

Wallet Case

In comparison to a wristlet, a wallet case has capacity for both credit/debit cards, a license, and cash. What separates it from its counterpart is its multifunctionality with space for a cell phone. There is typically a detachable strap that allows the wallet case to stand on its own or be carried as a crossbody. Some cases have a specific space with elastics to hold the phone. There are also magnetic covers. Others have a larger pocket that the phone can slide into. With the varied cell phone styles, it is crucial to check the sizing before purchasing this case.

The Mini

Mini’s, also referred to as pocket bags, have had a huge emergence in the smaller purse realm. The styles are shrunken versions of larger sought-after styles whether it’s a satchel, crossbody, or bucket bag. This trendy line is cute enough for a child to wear, but many women love them just as much.

They can be viewed as an amplified version of a clutch. Designers have curated a variety of collections filled with mini’s that are replicas of their staple styles. The exterior design and hardware are identical. The only true sacrifice is size. For a crossbody mini, the strap may be thinner or chained. With a satchel, it’s common to see just one top handle verses two. There are pocket bags specifically created for cell phones with a flap with a snap or magnetic closure. Certain designs have a strap so that it can be carried and rest comfortable at the waist.

Coin Purse

Many may not think of a coin purse when it comes to an actual purse. The material of the standard coin purse has been of rubber with a kiss-lock closure. The bright colors have been frequently used and it can fit more contents than one may think. Coin purses help to not weigh down and damage a standard wallet. Coins are separated into one spot and can fit inside of a smaller bag of choice. In addition, there is room to fit in a few dollars as well.

Small purses for women cannot go unnoticed. This unique style has plenty of sizes to choose from. There’s the super mini to just small enough to get the job done. Forget the hassle of larger bags. No more constant pain shoulder. Smaller purses work for women that prefer to carry the bare minimum or those that just want to rock a smaller bag every now and then. These can be purchased online and in-store with customization an additional feature.